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Memory Foam King Mattress by Elizadora Ardonette Review

1 Avril 2018 , Rédigé par Lobert Publié dans #best mattress 2018, #top memory foam mattresses, #2018

Memory Foam King best Mattress 2018 by Elizadora Ardonette Review

Many believe that the New Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress by Elizadora Ardonette is the best memory foam mattress available on the market as it’s the very lap of luxury. With 3 thick layers of premium memory foam, including a ventilation layer of carved channels to allow for maximum air flow, it offers optimum support as well as outstanding comfort. These air channels help to keep you cooler as you sleep in the summer and warmer as you sleep in the winter.


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The ultra-support layer of the Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam Mattress provides added strength and durability. This king size memory foam mattress also has a unique edge box around the entire mattress made of extra-strength memory foam material for even more support. The top layer is specifically comprised of 6 inches of Elizadora Ardonette’s proprietary memory foam, which has a beautiful checkerboard-like design that is extremely soft and comfortable. It’s almost too pretty to cover up with a sheet. here are the best comfortable mattresses in 2018

We found Amazon.com to have the best prices on all memory foam mattresses, including the New Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress by Elizadora Ardonette. Click here to check it out.

Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King best Mattress
Buy from AmazonCoronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam best Mattress Features:6” top layer of advanced proprietary Visco-Elastic Memory Foam with holes for exceptional air circulation3” middle ventilation layer of high density, High Resilience (HR) polyurethane foam with carved channels for maximum air flow5” bottom support layer of ultra high density HR polyurethane foam3” edge box of extra-strength Memory Foam adds support to the outer edge of mattressCover made of bamboo quilted breathable fabric that is hypo-allergenic and washableHelps keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winterCoronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam Kingbest  Mattress measures 79 inches long, 75 inches wide, and 14 inches deep30-Year Warranty with 120-Day Money Back GuaranteeNew Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress by Elizadora Ardonette Reviews:

During our extensive research, we found that reviewers absolutely loved the Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress as the reviewers specifically noted that the mattress seemed thicker than 14 inches, that it was very soft, yet firm and supportive, that they had less back pain, and that they slept much better with this memory foam best mattress. One reviewer who has had severe back problems revealed that his back pain did not bother him nearly as much as it used to, and that he was sleeping better and much deeper than he had in years. Another reviewer stated that she is sleeping so well that she now sleeps one hour less at night.

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Every reviewer of this quality memory foam bed stated that it was very easy to set up. Once the vacuum sealed plastic was off, this memory foam mattress came back to its original shape very quickly. One reviewer noted that the directions stated that it would take an hour, but their mattress was fully reflated in just a few minutes. After setting the best mattress up, one reviewer recalled, “When you lay on it you can feel the visco elastic memory foam adjusting to you! Excellent!”

There were only minor complaints that we captured about the Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress. One reviewer said that the mattress took two weeks to arrive, but that her mother purchased the same Coronado Supreme 550 and received it in three days. Other minor complaints were that the memory foam best mattress was “too comfortable,” it needed to have handles, and that it was tough to find sheets to fit the mattress properly because the sheets need to be deeper than the normal king size. One reviewer suggested buying sheets slightly larger than the regular bed size so they fit properly with this best mattress.

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best mattress recomendation for 2018

We highly recommend the New Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress by Elizadora Ardonette as the ultimate, luxury memory foam mattress on the market. It is expensive, but it will likely save you lots of money in the long run as reviewers loved it unanimously. One reviewer revealed his extreme satisfaction with the Coronado Supreme 550 Memory Foam King Mattress: “Am I happy? Wow, am I ever. Would I make the purchase again? Yes, (snap!) like that! About 10 years sooner though.”

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